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thanks tommyg Re: Anyone else?, please recommend springer/gas springer for small game hunting,

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Posted by wrestler ( on October 11, 2006 at 09:39:38:

In Reply to: Re: Anyone else?, please recommend .20 calibur @1000 fps for hunting, Thanks again Kevin! posted by tommyg on October 10, 2006 at 22:02:58:

Thanks for the heads-up tommyg.
and another thanks to the cdnshootingsports supporters for this forum, especially the webmaster.

Anyone have experience/suggestions on attaching slings to underlevers or would like to suggest any other guns that don't cost too much (Is there a gas spring other than beeman that doesn't cost too much?) I am uneasy with the break barrels since I expect the mechanism will wear/bend and shoot inconsistantly over time. Any other web sites with comparisons/ballistics? Currently considering diana 48, 460 mag, beeman rx-2 and giving some thought to the Webley Patriot - the theobens look nice but seem too expensive.

I'll check into the regs more closely, it seemed somewhat commonly done and since you can buy combo guns such as .3006/12gage 410/22 combos I didn't think it was an issue. I thought the main issue in this regards was not to use a small caliber on big game such as a .22 rimfire or other inappropriate rim/centre fire varment rifle. I can't imagine a MNR rep feeling that I would actually give big game lead poisoning with a pellet gun when I have a .308 with me to harvest it. Just don't want to keep comming back to camp empty handed when having partridge available to stew up. but, I won't shoot them with a high powered rifle like some hunters do; it's too dangerous and scares away the main quary.

: B careful....

: The air rifles you are taliking about will require a firearms license to buy, and use...and as such cannot be used my minors without direct adult supervision in Canada. AND the hunting regs usually do not permit a hunter to carry more than 1 firearm at a time while hunting big game ( in Ontario anyway) so you can hunt partridge or moose but not both at the same time with two rifles (drillings and trillings excepted of course).

: : : : I like the idea of the under-lever, but unsure if I can screw a swivel into the forestock to hold a sling. I must attach a sling since I will primarily use it when I come across a partridge while I am moose, deer and bear hunting:
: : : : Thus, I then like Diana's side lever the best so far since I figure I can attach a swivel mount to the barrel.

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