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Anyone else?, please recommend .20 calibur @1000 fps for hunting

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Posted by wrestler - thanks Kevin ( on October 07, 2006 at 22:19:57:

In Reply to: Re: please recommend .20 calibur @1000 fps for hunting posted by Kevin on October 05, 2006 at 23:09:39:

Thanks Kevin, I really!!! appreciate the help.
I prefer flat shooting rifles, thus the .177 or .20 was what I was first considering and I do not want to have to precharge or buy CO2 cylinders, so I will stick to spring or gas spring. I expect to sight it in at 50 yrds.
My other rifle is the most economical moose rifle .308 and cartridges cost $1.50-$2.50 a shot and I don't expect the cost of .20 pellets to be anywhere close to that.
As a child (in the 60's) I first used a friend's .177 pellet rifle from Trinidad and it far surpassed the rifles the other kids had. While standing I would consistantly shoot 1-1.5 inch groups with the cheep lead pellets at 70 yards and it had the power to kill partridge at that range.
(pellet guns are the primary hunting tool in Trinidad, since parrots are the main game bird)
I wish the air rifle manufactures posted balistic info at 50-100 yrds to compare the flat shooting and hitting power at that range like the gun powder ammo dealers do.
I expect there are better performing guns now, but don't know which, and which are the better quality guns and which manufactures are truthfull about the power.
I like the idea of the under-lever, but unsure if I can screw a swivel into the forestock to hold a sling. I must attach a sling since I will primarily use it when I come across a partridge while I am moose, deer and bear hunting:
Thus, I then like Diana's side lever the best so far since I figure I can attach a swivel mount to the barrel.

I've done a little more research since my last post and these are the guns and the specs they advertise, that I think best without costing too much $$$:
Diana Model 48, side lever, .22 @790 fps
Diana 300R, under lever, 7shot repeater, .177 @900 fps
Gamo CFX, under lever, .177 @ 1000 fps
Beeman RX-2 break barrel, under lever, .20 @950 fps
Beeman GS 1000, break barrel, .177 @ 1000 fps, .22 @ 775 fps

I like the Theoben SLR with gas ram system or their evolution but it seems too expensive and less power than the other manufactures, unless Theoben is the only truthful advertiser.

Thanks again, Kevin and if anyone else can make a suggestion, please do.


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