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Re: please recommend .20 calibur @1000 fps for hunting

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Posted by Kevin ( on October 05, 2006 at 23:09:39:

In Reply to: please recommend .20 calibur @1000 fps for hunting posted by wrestler on October 05, 2006 at 12:40:00:

I'm assuming you want a spring gun? (underlever/sidelever/break barrel) Most manufacturers overrate the velocities of their guns so don't expect to get anywhere near 1000fps in a .20 caliber springer. A very high powered springer is difficult to shoot accuratly due to their 2 way recoil (gun recoils backwards as piston moves forwards, then as the piston slams home, the gun jerks forwards). Most probably you'll have trouble shooting it accuratly. No 12 year old will be able to cock one. They also eat scopes (if you're planning to get one) and your stock screws will be backing out every few dozen shots. Accuracy of break barrels and fixed barrel guns are pretty much the same... you won't be able to tell the difference. I strongly suggust starting off with something milder or if you really need the power for hunting consider CO2 or pre-charged air.

Also, why the choice for .20 caliber? Selection of pellets is very limited... they're harder to find and cost more $$$. .22's will be more efficient and get you more energy.


: Looking for a good .20 gun for price at 1000 fps avail in Ontario. Perferred qualities: 1- accuracy 2- lever, brake or slide that 12 yearold can cock. 3- quiet. 4- rugged all weather, low maint-long life. 5- price < $800. 6-light weight. 7- recoil? (most power, long distance accuracy and quite)
: Are fixed barrel with slide or lever more accurate over the long run than break-barrel?
: Thanks - want to introduce my children to shooting and be able to shoot partridge/rabbits/possibly coons.

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