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Posted by gordon ( on August 22, 2006 at 22:25:19:

In Reply to: Re: Ontario Provincial Pistol Championships 2006? posted by Mike T. on August 22, 2006 at 14:13:41:


A puramid can only be as high as it's base is wide. More participants ultimately equals higher elite scores. Like a skinny tower, one or two stars may stick out for a time, but there is no depth, and no dynasty.

Canada was the greatest hockey country only because all the kids played hockey. No elite program can replace that as a condition of success.

In a word, there were several times as many shooters in 1975.



: Geez, I do love yanking your chain, Richard! (The devil made me do it.)
: "ignorant ranting"? Ranting, maybe. But ignorant? No! I know whereof I speak.
: The fact that not "anyone really cares" is a sad comment on the state of competitive target shooting in Ontario.
: For a variety of reasons, shooters might like to know the results of competitions they did not attend. The recent World Championship in Zagreb is a point in case. The results of the competitions were made available on-line within a few hours. I can see how our Canadian pistol team did against the rest of the world. I can see that their scores, in some events, are not on a par with scores achieved back in 1975 at the Ontario Championships. I wonder, "Why is that?". That's over 30 years ago! Equipment and techniques have improved. Is it coaching, training, facilities, financial support, or (as I suspect) all of these. What can be done to improve the situation? Does anyone in Canada care? Do you care, Richard?
: Cheers,
: Mike

: : I don't think anyone really cares if you think its a lame excuse, those that paid their money got the results. It'll be posted when its posted, no amount of ignorant ranting from you will change that. So if thats not good enough for you give the CSSA a call and volunteer your time if not hold your tongue.

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