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Re: Novice rapid fire 22 target pistol

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Posted by Mike T. ( on August 21, 2006 at 16:32:06:

In Reply to: Novice rapid fire 22 target pistol posted by J. William in Saskatoon on August 21, 2006 at 13:02:21:

You mention "rapid fire" in the heading to your message. If you are thinking of ISSF events, there are four events (or more accurately, one event and stages of three other events) that are referred to as rapid fire:
25 m Rapid Fire Pistol - also referred to as Olympic Rapid Fire - in which you fire one shot at each of five targets in the allowed time interval.
The rapid fire stage of 25 m Pistol (and 25 m Center Fire Pistol), in which you fire one shot within three seconds at one target, repeating this five times in an alternating sequence of three seconds per shot and seven seconds to recompose for the next shot.
The sustained fire stages of 25 m Standard Pistol in which you fire five succesive shots at one target within the allowed time of 20 seconds (one stage) or 10 seconds (another stage).

The same pistol (.22 long rifle calibre) will do for Rapid Fire, 25 m Pistol, and Standard Pistol.
While you can readily shoot the 25 m Pistol event with a revolver, the other events are almost exclusively fired with a self-loader (semi-automatic) - although a revolver would be allowed.
With a budget limit of $500, you are going to need to look at used guns. I really don't think there is a "true" target pistol selling new for under $500. (Sorry for this, it's just the nature of the game at the present time.)
Ruger Mk I and Mk II (with the 5 1/2 -inch bull barrel and "target" adjustable sights) are your most likely candidates. Any other target pistol at less than $500 has got to be suspect - not a good choice for a beginner unless you have a friend who is a gunsmith.
That said, you can purchase a Walther P22, new, for less than $500. They are a neat gun, but true target pistol they are not - the weight, the sights, and the trigger feel are inadequate, especially for rapid fire in an ISSF event.

If you have not already done so, you would do well to join a club that has pistols available for its members to use (there are such clubs). This will allow you to try some different guns and get to know what features are required in a target pistol for rapid fire.
Perhaps others will have some suggestions I've overlooked.
Good luck!
Mike T.

: What would be a good starter target pistol for a beginner? I also wear progressive lense glasses, is there any sights that would be best to shoot with this physical limitation. I would like to keep the price under $500.

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