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Re: Sub $600 pistol choices

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Posted by Lawrence ( on August 21, 2006 at 09:47:17:

In Reply to: Re: Sub $600 pistol choices posted by Mike T. on August 21, 2006 at 02:28:26:

Sorry, I meant the IZH-46M.

: Lawrence,
: I'm not familiar with the IZH-43M. Perhaps you mean the IZH-53M or the IZH-46M? The 53M apparently has an ambidextrous grip. That could be a good option for you if you are not sure which arm you will be using. I haven't seen the 53M advertised in Canada, but it should be less expensive than the 46M - which can be obtained for less than $500 (extra for a lefty grip).
: How about a used CO2 target pistol, such as the Walther CP2? I bought mine for $500. A CO2 refill tank goes for $50. So you would still have money left over for a CO2 recharge ($16) and some pellets :-)
: Or the Daisy 717 or 747? I've had the 717 and it is accurate enough for ISSF 10 m air, but the sights are rather flimsy and the trigger is not great. There is, though, an article on the net for improving the trigger feel. I understand that the 747 is significantly better than the 717, but I have no experience with it.
: A used Tau 7 should go for less than $300. Mine will give over 120 shots from a Powerlet, but it will also accept bulk fill CO2.
: The magazine on the B96 can be fiddly, so unless you really want the 5-shot capability, I'd suggest the Tau 7 over the B96.
: Getting a left-hand grip at a reasonable price (to keep within your overall budgeted price) might be the bigger challenge.
: Mike T.

: : Although I'm a dreamer I know I can't justify a Morrini, Steyr or FWB....not to say that with tonnes of practice I may eventually start to develop the skills properly....but time, money, a wife who will think I'm nuts, and space are factors so I want a pistol that gives me more flexibility and fun, but one that I can also take to the airgun grandprix and pay my entry fee to participate in. I know there are positives and negatives to the following but opinons are welcome:

: : Drulov Condor - I know its a 5 shot but my guess is that if its loaded individually it could go in a 10m competition - the 5 shot adds fun factor though. Seems slow though.

: : IZH 43M - Pneumatic means no gas or airtanks - but its a singleshot and really nose-heavy and only a right-hander - cheapest pistol.

: : Tau 7 - Single shot - I hear this is a excellent pistol for the money right out of the box. Eats gas though.

: : Aeron B96 - This seems to be quite flexible but I'm not sure if its in my range and I hear the trigger is not the finest.

: : GAMO Compact - Pneumatic but not sure if its a waste of money.

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