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Posted by Roy N. ( on August 14, 2006 at 13:58:03:

In Reply to: short air pistol posted by nano on August 14, 2006 at 12:23:00:

Hi Nano:
Short air pistols can be every bit as accurate as long ones.
Mechanically, if the barrel is rifled cleanly, crowned properly etc., and is long enough to allow the pellet to accelerate to its stable velocity, it can group as well as any longer-barreled pistol -- and machine rest testing easily proves it. (I have a Tau 7 shortened to 7 inches for younger shooters that shoots in the 470s and groups as well from a machine rest as Steyrs and Walthers owned by other club members)
In theory, the shorter barrel will allow the pellet to exit the muzzle more quickly (less barrel time), but there is really no practical difference unless velocities are very low.
There are two reasons why some shooters (me included) like shorter-barreled air pistols -- less muzzle-heavy balance, and less apparent front sight wiggle because the sight radius is shorter.
Does a shorter sight radius (50-60 mm less than a long-barreled gun) translate into loss of sighting accuracy?
It could -- but adjusting the front sight width and the width of the rear notch to suit the particular shooter will yield sighting accuracy on part with a long-barreled gun.
There is a test to verify the most beneficial sight widths for a specific shooter, and I've posted it here before (look for 'sighting triangle test' in post archives).
If you can't find it, e-mail me.

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