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Club membership fees too high!

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Posted by Michael Barnhart ( on August 12, 2006 at 01:08:14:

As an active participant for several years in both bulls-eye and IPSC sporting events, Iím pleased that a continuing effort to protect the shooting sports is evidenced through the CSSA and all participants contributing to this forum.

As someone whoís experienced a major disabling injury, Iím somewhat dismayed that provisions arenít in place to ease the financial burden myself and other disabled folk face when trying to get back into the sport.

Club Membership fees, ďinitiationĒ fees, the costs involved in taking the approved course and the daunting array of applications to say nothing of the hurdles presented to those who own or choose to acquire their own firearm is a seriously limiting factor to those of us on disability support.

I qualified as an RO many years ago through the Ontario Handgun Association and volunteered time at the club I was involved with during that period. That club has unfortunately closed and Iím going to join another club but find the overheads a little steep.

While my personal handicap doesnít require a wheelchair (I use a cane to help me get around) and Iíve recovered approximately eighty percent use of my left side (luckily Iím right-handed and right eyed) I donít recall seeing a great deal of accessibility provisioning being undertaken at the local club I will be joining.

The government has provided funds to encourage organizations to include persons with handicaps and disabilities to participate in sporting pursuits, but I havenít seen the issue of fees and costs addressed by sports clubs.

Iíd hate to think that a sport that I participated in for ten years has fallen victim to the elitist kinds of prejudices that have prohibited the disabled from participating in other kinds of sporting activities.

I canít work or I would so I have to make the best of the situation I find myself inÖ.

Any comments or suggestions?

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