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Re: Munich Results - Juniors

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Posted by Patrick ( on June 10, 2006 at 20:19:16:

In Reply to: Munich Results posted by Grant on June 09, 2006 at 09:22:09:

: Here is your chance to tell everyone about your Juniors Patrick. How did your group do in Munich?

Hi Grant.

Well, I'm pleased to say that it was a great adventure. Along with the national team, I took along three of my juniors from the Ontario Junior Pistol Team.

As background for everyone else, there were some MQS positions open and I asked Rick Ward (Canadian Head Coach) if I could fill those positions with some juniors who I trusted. With his okay, I invited Alix Findlay, Shannon Townsend and Zac McCue with ages ranging from 15 to 19 years of age.

None of them had any international shooting experience, but as tetrathletes, they had travelled and competed in a few different events nationally and internationally. So, they were accustomed to higher levels of competition.

When they accepted the offer, we started training together on a weekly basis, in addition to their routine at their home ranges. Preparation for Munich tied in nicely with training for the Canadian Airgun Grand Prix and the Ontario Winter Games. I was impressed with how hard they worked. Each took the opportunity very seriously and did everything in their power to prepare.

After arriving in Munich, the young ladies started off shooting sport pistol. This is a new event for them, but I wanted them to have the experience. Hey, you go all the way to Germany: take the time to shoot whatever you can! We had trained for about 6 weeks and they handled it well. Alix handled it like a pro, without any issues. Shannon had the pleasure of a firearm malfunction (responded perfectly just like in training), followed up by a range malfunction. Both ended up shooting in the 520's, which is where they are in training. They both felt some butterflies but worked through it. Neither nknew at the time that Luna Tau (Sydney Gold Medallist) and Ren Jie (World Cup Gold Medallist), both of China, were on the same line.

In air, they all did well. Alix and Zac both shot at the upper ends of their averages in air (360 and 539, respectively). Shannon broke her personal best by shooting 368, simultaneously achieving her Olympic MQS.

I was pleased to participate in their international debut, and to see them handle it so well. They had a great time and now, all we can hope, is that the opportunities continue to trickle down to Canada's juniors.


Grant: thanks for giving me the opportunity to talk about the kids. *s*

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