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International Imports

"International Imports has been the Canadian source for premium target shooting products for over three decades. In 1999 North Sylva Company, a family owned and run business, bought out International Imports. This collaboration of two successful Canadian companies has resulted in a continuing excellence in servicing already established Exclusive lines. These great lines include Anschutz, RWS, Eley, Lapua and Feinwerkbau, as well as, the addition of many new lines including Pardini and Walther. International Imports has one the largest assortments of Anschutz parts in North America, with a large stock of target rifles and pistols, as well as a huge selection of rimfire ammunition."

Here's a brief list of what's available:
  • Anschutz - Air Rifles, Biathlon Rifles, Small Bore Target Rifles, Silhouette Rifles & Pistols, and Accessories
  • Walther - Air Pistols and Rifles, Rimfire Pistols (Rapid, Sport and Target), Centerfire Pistol, Match Rifles, and Accessories.
  • Feinwerkbau - Air Pistols & Rifles, Biathlon Air Rifles, and Accessories.
  • Pardini - Air Pistols, Rimfire Pistols (Free, Rapid and Sport), Centerfire Pistol, and Accessories.
  • Knobloch - Shooting Glasses
  • Gehmann - rifle sight irises, rifle buttpads, slings, gloves, etc.
  • Accessories - pellets, bullets, etc.

Contact Information
International Imports
19 Ingram Drive
Toronto, ON Canada M6M 2L7
Telephone: 416-242-8540
Fax: 416-242-2829

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