Air Guns Plus / H&R Lavigne Ent.

Harvey Lavigne runs Air Guns Plus and H&R Lavigne Enterprises, dedicated to shooting enthusiasts across North America. He has an extensive catalogue of quality target guns and accessories. You owe it to yourself to check out his website and see what is available. I've known Harvey for over 10 years and am happy to send shooters his way. Knowledgable, friendly service is his promise and he delivers.

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Harvey Lavigne runs
Air Guns Plus and is a
licensed ISSF Pistol Official.
Air Guns Plus

"AGP owner Harvey Lavigne has been in competitive shooting for 40yrs. After being frustrated by not finding the guns and parts for the most popular competition pistols in Canada, we decided to go to Walther and Steyr to start importing their products. Both have given us exclusive importing rights to their competition lines. We now stock both the guns and parts for both lines, in order to serve the shooters better. As well, we offer Rink grips, JSB and H&N pellets, Lapua and RWS ammunition."

Here's a brief list of what's available:
  • Steyr - Air Pistols LP10/2/50 LP10E/50E & Rifles, Biathlon Rifles and Accessories
  • Walther - Air Pistols and Rifles, Rimfire Pistols (Rapid, Sport and Target), Centerfire Pistol, Match Rifles, and Accessories.
  • Hammerli Air Pistols & Air Rifles and Accessories.
  • Knobloch - Shooting Glasses
  • Gehmann pellet traps, rifle sight irises, rifle buttpads, slings, gloves, etc.
  • Accessories pellets JSB, H&N & RWS, H&N bullets, etc.

Contact Information
H&R Lavigne Ent.
Box 664
Birch Hills SK
S0J 0G0
Ph: 306-749-2421

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