Training and Shooting

Trigger Control: Pistol

Trigger control refers to how we activate the firearm; such that, the pistol fires without disturbing the sight alignment and the sight picture. Essentially, when you pull the trigger, the sights stay aligned and your point of aim doesnít change.

Developing good trigger control is critical to your success as a shooter. If a problem exists here, improvements can produce great leaps forward in your ability and shrink your group size. So, if you are struggling with your shooting, your trigger control is one of the best places to start working on!

Hereís some information that you should keep in mind when you shoot:

As I mentioned earlier, trigger control is a critical skill to develop. It takes time and hard work, but the rewards are huge. (Note: Dryfiring is one of the best exercises to hone this skill. Check out the Training Exercises section for more information.)

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