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Training - Manuals

All of the following documents are in the .Zip format and can be extracted to Adobe PDF.

Cadet Marksmanship Program

Iíve recently come across some great manuals, produced by the Canadian Armed Forces, to support the Cadet Marksmanship Program. The information is geared towards coaches and young shooters, developing air rifle skills.

Both the Air Rifle Training Manual and the Air Rifle Training Aide Memoire provide excellent training advice for novice shooters, regardless of age.

The Unit Marksmanship Training Plan is an annual training plan, detailing the individual training sessions with objectives and exercises. This is a well thought out plan and can be used as a template for anyone considering building his or her own annual training plan.

For more information of the Canadian Cadet Movement, please click here.

U.S. Army Marksmanship Unit

The Pistol Marksmanship Training Guide is a definitive source for information on pistol shooting and training. This public domain document was compiled and distributed by the people of Bullseye Pistol Encyclopedia.

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