Paralympic / Disabled Shooting

Equipment for the Disabled Athlete

Sport-specific equipment

Parathletes, or disabled athletes, use virtually the same equipment that is used in ISSF sports: .22 caliber rifles and .177 caliber air guns (pneumatic, gas (CO2), spring). Targets and distances comply with ISSF regulations.

Disability Specific Equipment

polarbear-bruce-demo2.jpg polarbear-bruce-demo4.jpg
polarbear-bruce-demo1.jpg polarbear-bruce-demo5.jpg polarbear-bruce-demo3.jpg
Bruce Heidt, Canadian Paralympian, demonstrates his equipment and technique at the NRA Beeman Can-Am Polar Bear.

Lapboard: A lapboard that secures to the wheelchair with mounting brackets or velcro. This is a support mechanism for one or both arms in shooting. It is critical that this device be securely fastened to the wheelchair as it could shift in firing the rifle.

Tripod: A modified camera tripod utilized to enable the marksperson with upper extremity involvement (ie. Cerebral Palsy). A U-shaped device is utilized to secure the gun barrel to the tripod.

Forearm adapter: This device is for persons with an upper extremity amputee with a GRIP terminal device. It secures to the barrel of the rifle and the terminal device.

Hand substitutes: Several plastic hook devices are available to compensate for loss of trigger finger or hand grip. Many are designed for the person with quadriplegia who has elbow flexion and wrist extension (C6 - C7 level of injury). A strap secures the hook to the palm of the hand and a second strap encircles the wrist. This allows the person with quadriplegia to independently activate the trigger.

Shoulder harness with butt placement attachment: This device is designed for the quadriplegic in mind. A leather harness secures around the chest with a butt attachment at the shoulder. This device stabilizes the rifle to the shoulder during target shooting.

The above noted information was taken from The Disability Sports Web Page, one of the best sites that I have ever seen focussed soley on disabled sports. I'm sorting through all of the information available and I cannot speak highly enough of it. If you are interested in disabled sport, then you must view this site.

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