Doing the Paperwork

In Canada, firearm ownership is strictly regulated. As such, unless you're shooting air rifles or air pistols (both under 500 fps to be classified as non-firearms), you will need to write at least one exam and apply to the government for a license. Whether or not you agree with the system, its in place. This document let's you know how to go about complying with the law.

To own or possess a regular firearm (i.e. a rifle or shotgun) and to buy ammunition, you will need to write an exam and then apply for a Possession/Acquisition License. Furthermore, if you wish to own or possess a restricted firearm (i.e. a handgun), then you will be required to write a secondary exam and apply for another license. (If you need to find a safety instructor and you live in Canada, you might find one near you on the Links Page.) Lastly, if you wish to transport your restricted firearm from your home to an approved shooting range (i.e. your club or a match), then you will have to join a government approved shooting club and apply for an Authorization to Transport (ATT).

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