Shooting Associations for Canadians

There are a number of Canadian groups that you can contact for membership, especially if you are interested in competing.

The Dominion of Canada Rifle Association (DCRA) is the national governing body for fullbore target shooting. It's mission is to promote and support the pursuit of excellence in military and civilian marksmanship as a positive and significant contribution to Canada, to the sport of shooting and to the safe handling of firearms. Additionally, the DCRA offers to its members liability and sports accident insurance, access to National Defence ranges and two copies a year of the DCRA publication, "Canadian Marksman".

Dominion of Canada Rifle Association (DCRA)
45 boul. Shirley Blvd.
Nepean, ON, Canada K2K 2W6
Phone 613-829-8281     Fax 613-990-0434

From the perspective of beyond the Canadian borders, we must consider the International Shooting Sports Federation (ISSF). It is THE International Olympic sports governing body and they determine all rules with regards to international target shooting. The I.S.S.F. was formerly called the U.I.T. (Union Internationale de Tir) or the International Shooting Union (I.S.U.).
You should also check out their other website, ISSF News, for the latest updates on what's happening in international shooting.

The IPC (International Paralympic Committee) has designated the ISCD (International Shooting Committee for the Disabled) as the international governing body for disabled shooters.

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