Postal Match Schedule

Here are some upcoming matches of note. If you would like to have info on your match (ISSF / NRA precision - regional, national or international), please email me at, or you can also use my online form in the Mail Room.

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  • Name: Shooting Federation of Canada 2001 - 2002 Indoor Postal Program
  • Dates: Monthly matches until May 31, 2002
  • Match Details: SFC Sporting Rifle Matches, ISSF International Rifle, ISSF Air Pistol, both Individual, Aggregate and Team matches.
  • Location: Canada.
  • Cost: Dependant upon course of fire, ranging from $10 - $12 CDN for individual matches, $24 - $40 CDN for teams, individual juniors $6 CDN and junior teams $24 CDN.
  • Air Pistol (Men, Women, Juniors)
  • Air Rifle (Men, Women, Juniors)
  • ISSF Prone Rifle - Iron Sights, Open Sights (Men, Women, Juniors)
  • ISSF 3-Position Rifle (Men, Women, Juniors)
  • Sporting Rifle - Prone (Men, Women, Juniors)
  • Sporting Rifle - 3-Position (Men, Women, Juniors)
Comments: This postal program is a SFC sanctioned match program and contributes towards your classification, if you are a SFC member. Contact Dan for details!
  • Name: Lake Region Shooting Sports Association Winter 2001-2002 Air Gun Postal League Match
  • Dates: Six monthly matches from November 2001 through April 2002
  • Match Details: NRA Air Rifle and Air Pistol Course of Fire. 1 shot per bullseye on 10-bull target for Air Rifle and 5 shots per target for air pistol.
  • Location: North Dakota, USA.
  • Cost: $18 USD for 6 Air Rifle matches, $18 USD for 6 Air Pistol matches, Juniors (18 and under) $9 USD for 6 matches, $9 USD for per team for 6 team matches.
  • Contact: Rick and Connie Jorgenson
  • Email:
  • Address: 4931 81st Ave. NE, Devil's Lake, ND, USA 58301-9634
  • Phone: 701-662-5301 (Day) or 701-662-4760 (evening)
  • Note: Send in your registration and they will mail you your targets. Monthly targets must be returned by the end of the month they were shot in.
  • Air Pistol (NRA Marksman, Sharpshooter, Expert, Master, Unclassified and Junior classes)
  • Air Rifle (NRA Marksman, Sharpshooter, Expert, Master, Unclassified and Junior classes)
  • Team scores determined based on individual scores. In other words, the team match will not be fired seperately. These are 2 person teams.
  • Awards will be in the form of cash. Awards will be given for each monthly match and a final aggregate match for individuals and teams.
Comments: We invite any interested competitor who has access to a range and a proper firearm. If you have an air pistol or rifle of any sort, please get involved and encourage a youngster or newcomer to participate by loaning your firearm to that individual. Contact Rick and Connie for details!
  • Name: International Airgun Postal League
  • Dates: Nov. 17, 2001 / Dec. 1, 2001 / Dec. 15, 2001 / Dec. 29, 2001 / Jan. 12, 2002 / Jan. 26, 2002 / Feb. 9, 2002 / Feb. 23, 2002
  • Match Details: 20 shot course of fire with Final Average Score based on Best 6 of 8 Scores Entered.
  • Location: Oregon, USA, open to everyone, everywhere!
  • Cost: $10 USD per person if from the U.S.A., $12 USD for person outside the U.S.A.
  • Contact: Don Williams (International Shooting Sports: Coaching, Training, Instruction)
  • Email:
  • Address: 17446 S.W. Granada Drive, Beaverton, OR, USA 9707
  • Phone: 503-642-5873
  • Fax: 503-649-5183
  • Note: Mail, email, fax or phone in your individual or team scores. Do not mail in targets!
  • Air Pistol or Air Rifle, ISSF or other international rules apply. Classes based on following age categories:
  • Sub-Juniors: under 14 years old as of Dec. 31st
  • Intermediate-Juniors: 15 - 17 years old as of Dec. 31st
  • Juniors: 18 - 20 years old as of Dec. 31st
  • General: 21 - 49 years old as of Dec. 31st
  • Seniors: 50+ years old as of Dec. 31st
  • Award Categories are for Open, Women, Senior (also Sr. Women if there are enough participants), and all 3 Junior divisions. Winner in rifle and pistol will receive an award no matter which category they come from.
Comments: This league is designed to promote air gun shooting, and is open to anyone, anywhere. Send in your address along with your scores for each match date. For further information, contact Don today!
  • Name: Bill Perreau Memorial Postal Championship
  • Date: Ongoing
  • Location: Australia
  • Cost: Free
  • Latest Verified Update: October 2001
  • Air Pistol (Men, Women, Juniors)
  • 25m Standard Pistol
  • 50m Pistol
  • 25m Rapid Fire Pistol
  • 25m Centre Fire Pistol
  • 25m Sport Pistol
Comments: The Bill Perreau Memorial Postal Competition is an international pistol shooting competition that was started in Australia by Bill back in 1967. It is simply a fun competition to give shooters of all grades the opportunity to compete against other competitors from around the world. Since Bill's passing it has come and gone, with varying levels of interest. For the last ten years it has been running regularly, and is currently being co-ordinated by Ian Gilligan of the Gold Coast Pistol Club. While most of our competitiors are from all around Australia, we now have some from the UK, USA and Canada.
  • Name: High Noon Postal Competition
  • Date: Ongoing, monthly
  • Location: Lublin, Poland
  • Cost: Free
  • Latest Verified Update: Sept. 2001
  • Air Pistol (Men, Women, Juniors)
  • Air Rifle (Men, Women, Juniors)
  • Standard Air Pistol
  • 50m Pistol
  • 25m Centre Fire Pistol
  • 25m Standard Pistol
Comments: Email Grzegorz with your name, country, state, the division (ie air pistol, free pistol, air rifle...), score, number of shots (several categories have more than one competition ie air pistol 60 shots and 40 shots), gun, and ammunition. Participation is free.
  • Name: Schiessportinfos Postal Competition
  • Date: Ongoing, monthly
  • Location: Hamburg, Germany
  • Cost: Free
  • Latest Verified Update: Sept. 2001
  • Air Pistol (Men, Women, Juniors)
  • Air Rifle (Men, Women, Juniors)
Comments: Email Stefan with your first name, last name, city, country, state, discipline (air pistol or air rifle), number of shots (either 60 shots or 40 shots), model of gun, ammunition and score. Participation is free and you may enter as many times per month as you wish.

For more information on the actual ISSF matches, click here, to read about the details in Olympic Shooting Sports.

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