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Due to the incessant spamming of this Guestbook, I have taken it offline. Perhaps sometime in the near future, I can bring it back. Please feel free to read some past comments.

Welcome to my website. I hope that you get as much from reading this site, as I did from developing it. Let me know what you think and thanks for dropping by.
Patrick Haynes <>
Toronto, ON Canada -

Great Idea and Site Pat!! Check out my site.
Bill Sherman <>
London, Ont Canada -

Your website is "Well Done", I appreciate the time and effort you have put into the contents. I will ask all of our members of our gun club to drop in for a visit and check out the contents. Paul Pilon Handgun Section RA Gun Club Ottawa
Ottawa, on Canada -

Hi Patrick !You did a very good job ! Seems like a tremendous amount of work, you can be sure that shooter like me are really thankful ! I wish you the best,Jean-Philippe
Quebec City, PQ Canada -

Hi PatrickExcellent site, especially the many bits on training, they have helped me a lot. Keep up the good work.
Singapore -

Patrick:Just finished having a very quick look at your website. Terrific! I am sure that your effort will be appreciated by shooting enthusiasts not only in Canada but in other countries as well. And thank you for using the photograph of our range in one of your banners. The best rifle club in Canada - Scarborough Rifle Club, of which you and I are proud members, couldn't ask for better promotion.Keep up the good work. Regards to you and Avianna.Bob
Ajax, ON Canada -

Great Site, just what is needed to bring Canada's responsible shooters together. John
Orono, Ont Canada -

Hi: Patrick: What a great Website...Its a great site for beginners like me and more experience shooters to check out on regular basis.Keep up the good work as it is much appreciated.Kudos to you and Avianna.By the way,it was nice meeting and talking to you at the club last Thursday.
Toronto, USA -

My daughter (12 years) and myself appreciated all the excellent work you have done to promote Target Shooting. She started to shoot a couple of months and is very excited with all the information that you provide on your website. Keep up the good work.
Scarborough, on Canada -

Pat, I am interested in your comments about the Drulov DU-10 Condor, can you give me more info on this air pisol?thanks.

Good site, great to see another shooting site on the web.Bob Mallet.President, Jersey Outdoor Smallbore Rifle Club.
St.Saviour, Jersey, Channel Islands. -

Good to see another target shooting site. Well done.Brian CushionHolwell Rifle ClubMelton MowbrayUK
Langham, Rutland United Kingdom -

very impresive Best wishes from aussie ,aussie, aussie
Ralph Rowbottom <>
Geraldton, W.A. Western Australia -

A first rate site. The training articles seem sensible and realistic. This is a welcome change to many of the existing sites, which tend to be quite self indulgent.
UK -

Great site got a lot of help from it Keep up the good work. And good shooting to all.
Melbourne, vic Australia -

Great site, Patrick. I look forward to watching it grow. Good luck and good shooting.Jim
Raleigh, NC USA -

Great site. Lots of good ideas.I will put the address in the next club newsletter for all to check out.
Pakenham, vic AUSTRALIA -

Great web site, I will recommend it to everyone in shooting and I will pass the word around. Congratulations for your very good work !Fernand DionneNCCP Level 3
Longueuil, Qc Canada -

Nice site...well laid out and informative.
Leeds, UK -

I have been browsing the web for long for good guidance and technical advice. Your fantastic site has put an endto my searches. May I suggest that you can also make thetraining sections in neat pdfs. Keep up the good work and thanks again.
BKS Inan <>
Dhaka, Bangladesh -

finding this site was like discovering atreasure foranoviceshooter like me thanks a lotregards mahipal from India
mahipals. rathore <>
jodhpur, ra india -

I was all over the place, my breathing was terrible, and I wasn't having any FUN! That's what it's all about--FUN--right? Well, your General Training Exercises and Shot Analysis information set me straight, literally. Not only am I scoring much better, I'm having FUN! Merci beacoup!
Weatherford, TX USA -

This is a very good site and I enjoyed going thru part of it. I especially enjoyed the training sections and advice. I will check this site out more in the future when I have time.Thank You.
san diego, ca USA -

Great Training aids, keep up the good work
Regina, sk can -

Very interesting site.Like the training tips.
UK -

One of the best sites devoted to shooting on the web. Lots of interesting and helpful info. Love the community spirit of the On-Line Message board. Keep up the great work.Thanks,
Guelph, ON Canada -

Fantastic site, well done!!!
York, UK -

I am currently searching for an organization here in Toronto because my dream is go to the Olympics in the firearearm event.I am sure glad that I found this site.Mason Burgess
Bolton, Canada -

Excellent site....We look foward to sharing your site with our athletes in Modern Pentathlon.
Dave Lynnes <>
Calgary, AB Canada -

I really enjoyed my visit to your site. Impressive. I can use all of it ....Thank you very much.Kirsten SandersHead of pistol sectionCopenhagen Shooting Club
Kirsten Sanders <>
Copenhagen, Denmark -

Excellent site. Congratulations. I understand and appreciate the amount of work that goes into a site of this type. I shall recommend it to others members of my club, the Beaudesert Pistol CLub. Come visit our site on regards and good shootingTom
Tom Woodley <>
Ipswich, QLD Australia -

Excellent page! This is the best shooting website that I have ever been on. Keep up the excellent work.
Christopher Ippolito <>
Edmonton, Ab Canada -

Hi from good old Austria !We happened to find your fab site on a Swedish gunshooters' site thus we thought what could it hurt to pay a visit ?Yours is the most interesting international site on shooting we've ever seen ! We are a rather tiny club of twentish shooters but pretty successful with regard to muzzle loader and air gun competitions.Best wishes from EisenstadtGSV BurgenlandPS: Why not add your site along with an eye-catching banner to our GSV Schützen(shooting/shooters) Top 500 ???
GSV Burgenland <>
Eisenstadt (Iron city :)) ), Bgld Österreich (Austria) -

Patrick, you've put together a great site here! I'm going to be purchasing my first serious air pistol very shortly and find myself most anxious to put into use the training information provided here. Likewise, the message board has provided good guidance from experienced shooters on which products to use, which ones to avoid, and how to avoid some of the pitfalls novice target shooters encounter. Many thanks for compiling so much useful information here! Oh, by the way, I'm itching to get my scores into the monthly on-line target match too. Don't laugh at the first ones though, please. ;-)
Carp, ON Canada -

Outstanding site! Very well done and very informative.If any Canadian shooters are attending the US National Pistol Matches at Camp Perry - look me up on Rnage 3 and say hello. I'll be attending for my 2nd year as a Block Officer.
Fairfax, VA USA -

Very interesting site
Chestnut Ridge, NY USA -

Fantastic! Lots of very useful info. Thank you so much.
Mississauga, ON Canada -

My 1st port of call was this site after 2 years off, from shooting, helped get my act together, after 9 months, I am now shooting @ 150 +, not bad for a 36 year old, thanks for the tips and help
Sheffield, UK -

Hello Patrick,I came across your site through the DCRA web site. What a find! I'm a full time target rifle shooter and I'm heavily involved with The Royal New Brunswick Rifle Assocation. I would like to submit some information about the RNBRA on this site. Could you drop me an Email sometime to discuss this. What an informative site!Regards,Michelle CormierRNBRA Membership Secretary/Treasurer/'Bullseye' Editor
Shediac Cape, NB Canada -

Well done on a really fantastic site, we have just started with our web page, but will add a link to yours. thanks.
Tracy Menney <>
Johannesburg, South Africa -

Hello, it's Wednesday and I come back from Berlin. I find your Site bookmarked in a Internet Cafe. I have closed more time explained around me with the contents of your home page from each other now. Unfortunately, there are little good sites. Your site is very good. I will recommend and come back. V.B.
Volker in Berlin
Germany -

I stumbled on to your web site by mistake, what a pleasant surprise!
Springville, on Canada -

I'm a novice air rifle shooter. I was looking for information about shooting, but it was like looking for water at dessert.. luckly I found this site. thank you for preparing such an exellent site. I wish it will grow up. good shooting....:)
Istanbul, Turkey -

Good work, very informative, it greatly helps my shooting skills, Keep the good work, I always visit your site for reference. Thanks
Koronadal City, SC Philippines -

Great site, Patrick. Looking forward to seeing you in some of the matches this year. Will keep watching for that ever elusive Qualifying site in North America. Talk at you later.. .Misty
Virginia Beach, Va USA -

this site is great!! and as a fellow shooter i enjoyed the pictures from Crosmans as i was there!! keep up the great work!
pa, sk canada -

Bought my IZH 46M 2 weeks ago, and posted my first score today. What a great sport. !!! This site is a great resource.
Decatur, Al USA -

Hi < I was just looking at sites when I came upon yours.I shoot 4 postions Indoor so every little thing you can pick up helps . I shoot in the 193 range out of 200 . I read as must as possible, Kneeling and Offhand is of my most interest , Great site ,Keep it up thank you
<dancin@localnet .com>
Hudson Falls, NY USA -

Great site! Lots of useful information and links to even more info.
London, On Canada -

I am a young shooter and have found a wealth of infomation that will be used to improve my shooting
Bridgetown, Barbados -

I enjoyed the wealth of information that youhave on this site and i am sure that it will help me to improve my shooting
Bridgetown, Barbados -

Great site. Greetings from Larry Bishop.
Larry Bishop <>
Ottawa, Canada -

I'm a pistol shooter and range officer and want to congratulate on your superb website, with tons of valuable information. One of the best I have ever seen. Congratulations!
Madrid, Spain -

The "Training Information"-part of this site is really amazing. I´ve only started shooting about 6 months ago and the advice given there, will surely help me a lot. Big thanks for that from Germany
Niedernberg, Germany -

I found your site very helpful. I have been target shooting for the last six months after a thirty-eight year lapse. Your section on target aquisition has answered some questions that I had as well as your section on physical training. I had taken some lessons from a local retired police firearms instructor but he was more interested in teaching me confrontational shooting than target shooting. Your site answered the questions he couldn't.
Newtown, PA USA -

I am just starting air gun shooting and I found your site most usefull for someone like me who want to get started in that sport.
Sherbrooke, Qc CANADA -

I've just downloaded some information. It seems it will be precious.
Oporto, Portugal -

Just came across your site. I'm looking for the iris or peep hole shooting aid for pistol shooting. Can't seem to locate and dealer.
Williamsburg , VA USA -

Quick, good looking website!!! Much information and mostly up-to-date!!! Keep up the good work!!!
Berry Kooiman <>
Schoonhoven, ZH Holland -

I suspect that I shall be waiting about five months for my PAL. So, as I investigate various Toronto area clubs and practise with my .177 Beretta in my basement, I've been viewing shooting sites. Yours is the best I've found so far. Many thanks for your intelligent efforts.
Thornhill, On Canada -

Hey everyone! Now that I've taken up ISSF-style shooting, this has become one of my favorite sites! Lots of good technical info, nice message board! keep in touch!
Bill Poole <>
Scottsdale, AZ USA -

Keep up the good work, this sport needs more people like you patrick. Hope to see you in edmonton at nationals..
Regina, Sk Canada -

hi pat,awsome web site, my grandaugther started reloading for me at the age 3yrs old,with supervision.she is now 4yrs old.she loves it.keep up the great work guy's.PS don't know what ULR means below E.MAIL, sorry............thanks
king kirkland, ont canada -

Nice pages ! Exact info for pistol shooting, thanks a lot... remember !! Keep on basics !!
Kangasala, Finland -

Great site Pat im looking forward to seeing you at the grand prix.
regina, sk Canada -

I enjoyed all the information that you have put on this site and i am sure that it will help me to improve my shooting. Great Site!I hope to have a site like yours in spanish
Lanzarote.Canary Island, LP Spain - Sun Oct 19 15:06:02 2003

Very nice web site you have, very informative.
Eric Tsui <>
Toronto, On Canada - Mon Nov 24 18:26:16 2003

What a wonderful website! This is a great resource for shooters of all ages. You should be very satisfied with your contribution to the sport.
Tyler, Texas USA - Wed Nov 26 13:47:16 2003

Great site just found him by exploring deferent site's Keep up de good work, i will give the adres further at collegues
O.L.V. WAVER , BELGIUM EUROPE - Wed Dec 10 5:30:06 2003

One of the best websites i've ever came across.
Sweden - Sun Jan 25 8:49:04 2004

Outstanding web site. Thanks for helping novices.
USA - Sun Jan 25 19:30:38 2004

Great information!
Corvallis, OR USA - Thu Jan 29 16:12:42 2004

Agradezco el esfuerzo que realizas para que los nuevos tengamos un lugar serio donde aprender. Muchas gracias desde España.
Madrid, Spain - Tue Mar 2 5:41:57 2004

A very nice site,and it must take a lot of work. It is certainly useful for us pistol shooters,all we need is to get more people shooting!!!
Wawanesa, MB Canada - Fri Apr 9 7:31:38 2004

Thank you for a good site! Haven't read all yet but I think it´s great. Have some problems with the video theatre (they don´t work for me.) Because I live in Sweden it´s interesting to read about olympic shooting in other countries.
Sweden - Tue Apr 20 0:41:27 2004

Great website. Loads of great info. I am always looking in to get info. Keep up the good work
brighton, uk - Fri Apr 23 18:55:20 2004

Hallo everybody, I am a guy from sweden. Target Shooting is a great hobby and a like it. Very nice site you have. Please take a look into my site. Very best from Leif
Leif Lundh <>
Kavlinge, Sweden - Mon May 31 6:46:16 2004

Well done Patrick, great site, very informative and theres always something else to read. Also thanks for the link.
John Marchant <>
Bedford, UK - Mon Jun 7 18:09:17 2004

hi patrick,shooters all over the world would always thank you for the great job you are doing in sharing so much knowledge and inf on target shooting,our school shooting club led by mahavir singh and his team captain sahiljit would always be indebted.the maharaja ranjit singh shooting club. springdale senior school amritsar
amritsar, pb india - Sat Jun 19 16:18:19 2004

Fantastic site! I've come back several times during the past year (ie. since I started shooting) and it's a favourite among the shooting sites. Liked the story about not being a "cheeken"; will discuss it with my coach! Thank you for all the work you have put into the site.
Järfälla, Sweden - Tue Jun 22 22:09:52 2004

WOW a wonderful site for ISU type shooters. Love the postal match. This go international. Enjoy very much. You must spend a lot of time to maintain it. Beautifully done.
sussex, NB CANADA - Tue Jul 13 0:20:06 2004

Great site with lots of useful info!
Valhalla, Gauteng South Africa - Fri Jul 30 15:19:44 2004

Great collection!!! But how it is possibly to download?
Leo <>
London, UK, NY USA - Sun Aug 1 16:12:05 2004

What a great site! I think the best shooting site on the web!
Kelowna, bc ca - Sat Aug 14 11:06:18 2004

I love your website and thank you very much for your support. Dawn Kobayashi
Kamloops, BC Canada - Mon Sep 6 16:08:35 2004

is a good wave !!!! the video theatre, congratulation !!!
san salvador, el salvador - Fri Sep 17 0:19:26 2004

Hi Patrick. This is probably the best shooting website on the web.Great for beginners as well as advanced shooters.It's complete in every sense.I specially liked your content on training aspect.I certainly look forward to participate in your postal matches.
Mumbai, M India - Tue Sep 21 14:41:00 2004

Just started air pistol target shooting and found your site by far the most informative I've discovered - or is probably available. Please keep up the excellent work, I'm sure this will be a stimulus to many newcomers to the sport like me.
UK - Sun Oct 17 6:52:50 2004

Fantastic resource. I have been looking for just such information as you have presented here to teach to our Juniors. Thank you.
Chico, CA USA - Wed Dec 1 1:17:14 2004

Continues to be a site worth visiting time and time again. Keep up the good work Pat.
Bill Sherman <>
London, ON Canada - Thu Dec 16 0:00:09 2004

Nice pages and usefull notes... Really wonderful
Turkey - Thu Jan 6 9:16:40 2005

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