Shooting Equipment

Visiting Equipment Check - Air Rifle

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Too heavy?
Weigh the rifle
First off, the rifle is weighed to ensure that it fits within the specifications for the match.
Too long?
Dimension Check
Second thing is to make sure that the rifle dimensions are allowable.
Jacket Too Tight?
Tightness Check
Next, the tightness or 'snugness' of the jacket is inspected.
Too thick?
Thickness Check
The jacket thickness is tested with special calipers.
Too thick?
Thickness Check
Elbow pads are checked as well.
Too thick?
Thickness Check
Glove thickness is another consideration.
Sole Too Thick?
Boot Check
Finally, sole thickness is tested.

Special thanks to my model from the Crosmans (2002): Diana Cabrera. When we took these photos, she had just finished winning a spot in her first finals, although at this time, she didn't know it.

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