Shooting Equipment

Visiting Equipment Check - Air Pistol

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Is it too heavy?
Weigh the Pistol
First thing that is done is that the pistol is weighed to ensure that it fits within the specifications for the match.
Too long or too wide?
Box the pistol
Second thing is to 'box' the pistol. The box is specially constructed to permit only pistols within the allowable dimensions to be placed inside of it. This Morini 162EI has to be placed perfectly square in the box for it to fit. Also, the lid must close for the pistol to pass.
Too light?
Trigger Weight
Next, the the weight of the trigger is inspected. In order for the pistol to pass, the mechanism must be cocked to fire (for air pistols, it must expell gas and for other pistols, it must fire unloaded) and while slowly lifting the pistol, the weight must clear the table (even a paper width) before the pistol discharges. Once the weight is clear of the table, the official will jerk the pistol to cause the gun to fire. This is to insure that the gun was actually cocked.
Grip Clear of the wrist?
Wrist Check
Now, the pistol must be held at arm's length as if the shooter were firing. The official is making sure that the grip is clear of the wrist.
Shoes OK?
Shoe Check
Finally, the shoes are tested to see that they fall within the rules, and that the body of the shoe does not extend above the ankle.

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