2002 Canadian National Women's Hockey Team

On June 17th, 2002, I stood in line (twice - once in the morning and once during lunch) to meet and get autographs from the Canadian Women's National Hockey Team, who won Gold medals at the Salt Lake City 2002 Winter Olympic Games. The entire team was attending a special function at the Hockey Hall of Fame that night in Toronto, Canada. It was the first time that they have all been together since Salt Lake City, four months earlier.

Sure, on the surface, it had nothing to do with target shooting: it had everything to do with hockey. But Canada is about hockey. This is TargetShooting _Canada_. I figure by extension, this site has to have some hockey content, or I may lose my citizenship!

I noted that Molson Breweries donated an addition $500,000 to the women's hockey team. (Wow: corporate sponsorship. Wouldn't that be nice in the shooting sports!) The ladies were really great, signing everything in sight, and dealing with a flood of fans surging from every angle. Hayley "the Wick" Wickenheiser took special time out to talk one-on-one with every little girl that came up and wanted to talk about their love of hockey. It was really motivating.

It was a great experience, seeing the end results of olympic athletes striving for their goals. They showed determination and behaved as good sports through very difficult times during that trial. The entire team proved themselves to be excellent rolemodels for _all_ Canadian athletes and they made me even more proud to be Canadian.

Here's a few pictures.

Molson's presents cheque Team Coach Me, with the Team
Left half of the Team Right  half of the Team Whole Team and Cheque

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