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The INTERNATIONAL SHOOTING COACHES ASSOCIATION was organized in October, 1984, "To enhance the lives of others through the shooting sports." To accomplish this purpose, we, as shooting coaches, must continue to update our training and communication skills as well as have available to us the latest information about our sports specific areas. ISCA proposes to facilitate the flow of information to the coach from the experience of on-the-line coaches, equipment manufacturers, elite athletes, the medical sciences, and the shooting organizations. We will do this by means of a quarterly journal, general meetings, and other lines of communication.

Not everyone is eligible for regular membership. A Regular member must be a shooting coach certified by their country's Olympic National Governing Body; in the U.S.A., for example, this would be USA SHOOTING or the National Archery Association. Regular members must submit a copy of their NGB credentials to the Secretary when joining the organization in accordance with ISCA's Constitution.

Associate membership is open to only executive members, of National Governing Bodies (NGB), such as Presidents, Vice-Presidents, and Secretary-Generals, etc. They may be appointed National Directors or committee members.

Conditional membership is available for a maximum of one year to those whose NGB certification is not on file with the ISCA Secretary. Conditional members have all the rights and obligations of regular members, but cannot vote or hold office.

Subscriber status is available to those who would only like to receive the ISCA journal, On Target. Subscribers are entitled to receive the journal, but may not take an active part in the operations of ISCA. They may not vote or hold office. They are encouraged to write to On Target for information and also to submit valuable coaching ideas.

For further membership information or participation as a Certified Coach, contact Don Williams. You can email him at or you can write to him: Don Williams, 17466 S.W. Granada Drive, Beaverton, OR, USA 97007.

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