Coaching: Analysis & Modeling

U2's Bono sang, "Every Artist is a cannibal. Every poet is a thief." Well, the same can be said of shooters developing skills. One form of learning is based upon modeling, or learning from someone else's actions. The key to getting the most out of this exercise is not to mindlessly copy the model's actions, but to analyse and critique what the model does. If possible, talk to the model and ask why they do what they do. Look at what they do right, as well as what they do wrong. Consider why they do what they do (overcoming a personal issue?) and if such a practice would benefit you individually. Essentially, look at those around you, learn if their technique could assist you, and then incorporate whatever may improve your game. Additionally, coaches can review these images and hone their analysis skills. Look at the technique and figure out the benefits of the performance. Considering the advantages, could your athletes gain from your insights?

Here are some pages on different shooters which I have observed and either videotaped or photographed. Review them and see if you can pick anything up.

Coaching: Electronic Targets

While being the International standard, not everyone has access to electronic targets. Here is a page dedicated to electronic targets, what they look like, plus some photos which show how they look from the back.

Coaching/Training One Page Resources

One way to introduce a sport is to de-mystify it. Here are the beginnings of a series of one page flyers or handouts. Each page covers the basics of one single shooting event, introducing the match specifications (i.e 60 shots in 1 hour and 45 minutes) and equipment specifications (i.e. trigger weight). Additionally, key training elements are introduced for the discipline. Give them to your shooters to educate them and keep them focussed.

Coaching Resources

Need something to read? Want a greater understanding of the sport, whether for yourself or as a coach? Follow this link to Don William's Shooting Resource Library. It has an extremely wide selection of materials available to interested coaches and athletes throughout the world.

Don't forget to check out the Coaching Association of Canada for information on courses for coaching theory certification, and the Shooting Federation of Canada for technical coaching courses for rifle, pistol and shotgun (as well as the manuals available for them.)

I'd also like to put in a note about Linda Miller's CoachNet - The Target Sports Network. CoachNet is a not-for-profit periodical published six times a year on a subscription basis. To request a complimentary issue or to subscribe, email them at Back issues can be ordered on a subscription basis. You can find out more about CoachNet at the MilCun Marksmanship Complex website. Just look under the Publications section.

Finally, I would like to draw your attention to the International Shooting Coaches Association which offers resources and benefits to accredited shooting coaches. Members receive the ISCA journal, On Target.

Initiating a Coaching Dialogue

Are you an athlete on either the National Pistol Team or the Ontario Junior Pistol Team? Will you competing or have you competed at a match where I was a coach? If so, please visit my Initiating a Coaching Dialogue page, where you can submit evaluations or requests for coaching.

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