Doing the Paperwork

Authorizations to Transport (ATT)


Many of you have had your first look at the application form for the Authorizations to Transport. And what a form they are! All of us will have to fill out this monstrosity in order to continue to transport our restricted firearms. The original intent of the Canadian Firearms Centre was to allow the ATT to be valid for one club only. This meant that if you wanted to travel to any other club, you would have to call the 800 number to obtain another permit (only good for one trip) and list all the guns you would be carrying. This procedure is, of course, absolutely ridiculous and the local Firearms Officers would be swamped with requests.

Fortunately for us (Ontario), we have a government who does not dance to the Liberal's tune and has rejected that process. Their interpretation of the Firearms Act will allow you to have one permit valid for 1 to 3 years which will allow you to transport any firearm registered to you to any range approved by the CFO, much like the old permits. The only exception is you will not be able to cross provincial boundaries without another permit. By the way, Ontario is the only province implementing this policy, although we hear that other provinces may follow the example (much to the distress of Ottawa).

How To Fill Out the ATT

Ontario has developed policy for the completion of the applications. There are several areas of the application that you need not fill out in regards to listing the firearms, the times, dates and locations (which will be complete by the CFO). Following are the specific instructions on how to fill out those sections:

- Section B - enter the following words: 'all restricted firearms and prohibited handguns registered to the authorization holder'
- Section C box O - enter name of your home club
- Section D will be filled out by the CFO
- Section E, box 14 - not required if same as registration address
- Sec. E, box 15 - enter the following -"all approved ranges for restricted firearms in Ontario"
- Section E, box 16 - not required

Please keep in mind that the ATTs must be forwarded to Orillia by the Club secretary in batches. Do not send the application to Orillia alone as it will not be processed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: According to the provisions of C-68, the CFO cannot issue an ATT unless the applicant is in possession of a valid firearms license (FAC, Possession or Possession/Acquisition). The only exception to this is if an applicant is moving to another residence and does not have a valid license. CFOs across the country have agreed to issue an ATT for moving without a license for now, but this is the only exception.

For those of you who travel to the U.S. for competition, you can obtain a border ATT at the request of your Club secretary to the CFO in Orillia.

Courtesy of Canadian Shooting Sports Association

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