Coaching Analysis - Jozef Gonci

I must admit, I am not fit to analyse rifle shooters. None-the-less, at international matches, if Gonci is shooting, you must watch his performance. The video shows Jozef in his match, finishing off with a score of 595 to head into the finals in 8th place. After a shoot off with China's Jie Li, Gonci won the Silver medal.

The photographs were taken at the USA World Cup in 2003 at Fort Benning, Georgia and also at the Athens World Cup in 2004.

Video Analysis

Still Picture Analysis

Analysis - Jozef Gonci
Gonci - Athens WC 2004
Gonci - Athens WC 2004
Gonci - USA WC 2003
Gonci - USA WC 2003
Gonci - USA WC 2003

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