Coaching Analysis - Franck Dumoulin

As a coach, I really like the way that Franck Dumoulin shoots. Certainly, he is an excellent performer and has the championship medals to prove it. But I like the way he performs.

If you watch the way Franck shoots, it seems very precise. He settles into his stance, raises his pistol off the bench to start at a consistent point of initiation, and then delivers his shot. Every delivery looks the same. His stance is upright and his feet are almost perpendicular to his target line. I believe that his head is canted ever so slightly to the right and his right shoulder is slightly elevated as well. Ideally, his head would be upright and the shoulders would be level. From a form perspective, Franck's style is almost text book, and an excellent model to start from.

The only real question that I have about Dumoulin's style is that his elbow seems to be hyper-extended. The inner elbow is pointing up, and I wonder how much pressure that is created there. I used that style and, related or not, I developed some elbow problems. The extended elbow, plus overgripping, caused some inflammation in the joint (tennis elbow.) It would be interesting to know if Franck has elbow problems. Just one thing to consider when you hyper-extend your elbow.

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