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About Patrick Haynes

Well, I live in Toronto, Canada, born and raised in a small town called Dorchester, outside of London, Ontario. I have a great girlfriend, wonderful parents and sisters, plus an extended family that I am very proud of. I work for the brokerage wing of a large Canadian bank, doing database development to manage its assets and infrastructure. I came into this world with Brachial Plexus (or Erb's Palsy) which is a birth defect that adversely affects the left side of my chest, left shoulder and left arm. Most people don't notice it, but it does restrict some activities. Fortunately, I can participate in and enjoy target pistol shooting. I hope that this website conveys that enjoyment to you.

I am actively involved in coaching and instruction. As such, I have certifications and memberships related to the shooting sports.

Why Create TargetShooting Canada?

Once, I was quite involved in pistol shooting and decided to take a short break. That break eventually stretched out to about 10 years. Well, when I made the jump back, I found out that things had changed dramatically. I had more questions than answers. That's when I decided that a website like this could be useful.

First, the laws in Canada had become more restrictive. Second, the community members and associations were different. Third, clubs and matches had changed. For all intents and purposes, I was a freshman all over again. Finding my way back took a bit of time, as there doesn't seem to be one place to get information. I decided to change that. Consequently, I hope that this web site will answer some questions, inspire you to get into shooting, or at least reduce some of the speed bumps that you'll encounter during the trip. Enjoy!

I should also note that this site has a definite slant towards target pistol shooting. Why? The reason is simple: that's what I'm into. Due to a physical disability, I don't shoot much rifle, although I love it when I can. As well, I'm not into the action shooting sports, like IPSC and PPC. Those sports look like a lot of fun, but, once again, that's not my thing. None-the-less, I feel that there is material here that is applicable to those disciplines. Training plans and trigger squeeze aren't strictly precision matters. Take what you can and apply it to your sport.

As you may have guessed, this site is new, just launched in June 2001. I would appreciate any constructive feedback that you have. Also, if you belong to a club or team, or are hosting a match, please feel free to contact me: I'll include that information here.

Lastly, not all material here is either new or of my own creation. This is a compilation of material freely available on the internet or otherwise, plus material that I have composed. To the best of my knowledge, copywritten material has not been used. If you are the holder of copywritten material and are concerned with its use here, please contact me and we will resolve the issue.

Once again, welcome and I hope that you enjoy the site.
Patrick Haynes

My girlfriend, Avianna and me: I'm a lucky guy. *s*

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